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About Us

Since 1955, alumni throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area have met regularly to promote and advance the interests of Virginia State University (VSU) and the Virginia State University Alumni Association.  

With over 1,000 VSU alumni living and working throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and more moving to the area each year, we are proud of the continued role we play in making a positive impact on the lives of alumni and students that matriculate at our beloved Alma Mater.  

As an officially chartered, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization our mission is to:

  • Stimulate and maintain a spirit of loyalty, love, and pride for Virginia State.
  • Encourage and maintain comradeship among graduates, former students, and friends of the University who reside within the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
  • Conduct activities to generate financial support to Virginia State.
  • Provide scholarship funds for Washington, DC metropolitan area students who plan to or are currently matriculating at Virginia State, and 
  • Support community-outreach programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.